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Sunset Red     $20.00

2018 Lonestar International Gold Medal Winner.

"PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD ... GOLD MEDAL" 2015 Red River Wine Festival    (Wichita Falls)

2018 Lone Star International Gold Medal Winner.

Our #1 seller! Sunset Red is a sweet spicy blend locally known as the BBQ wine. This wine was created at the request of some priests who needed good communion wine.  Later, a local rancher came to get wine for his lady friends to go with a steer he was BBQ-ing.  He chose the communion wine and later came back for more of what he called the "BBQ Wine." When you think about it, Texas BBQ is a religious experience.


So please enjoy this "oaky, smoky, spicy sweet wine".  A proprietary blend that includes our estate grown Chamborurcin grape. Aged in Oak to balance the sweetness. Pairs well with Hearty foods, spicy foods and barbecue. (The label is silk screened onto the bottle)

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